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IT outsourcing

NIX is a global supplier of software engineering and IT outsourcing services. 

NIX teams have experience in developing innovative projects from ecommerce to cloud, for some of the largest companies in the world, including those from the Fortune 500. The teams are focused on stable development of the international IT market, and their professional skills. 

By joining NIX, you will have the opportunity to find the best ways for your professional development. Experienced team mentors are ready to support and help you achieve success.

NIX is more than just a company that uses the most popular and modern IT tools. It’s also a team of people united by an interest in advanced technologies and a desire to improve the world.

Here you can find like-minded people, learn from expert experience, master a comprehensive stack of IT technologies and organizational solutions, try yourself as a manager or mentor, and enjoy a warm, almost home-like atmosphere every day.


1138 Budapest, Föveny utca 4-6. 5. em.
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1138 Budapest, Föveny utca 4-6. 5. em.

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